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Get cookin' for a stronger core and shoulders

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Shoulder strength and core stability are important to hikers and backpackers as they carry loads and maintain balance on uneven terrain. Therefore, all trekkers should incorporate exercises for these areas into their workout routine. It’s easy to target both of these areas with plank exercises.

Here’s what I like to call the rotisserie workout. I’ve included the plank variations from beginner to expert. Begin in a typical plank facing downward and rotate through the variations for each side and your back. Hold each position for 30 seconds up to two minutes. Make sure elbows and hands are always stacked under the shoulders. Repeat the whole rotation three to five times.

Okay hikers, let's get cookin’!

The beginner position:

Front plank on elbows.

Side plank on elbows and knees.

Back plank on elbows, squeezing and lifting buttocks slightly off of the ground.

The intermediate position:

Front plank on extended arms.

Side plank on extended arms.

Back plank on extended arms.

The challenging position:

Front plank on extended arms, extending one leg and the opposite arm, keeping pelvis and shoulders as level as possible.

Side plank, extending top leg and arm.

Back plank in table-top position, extending one leg at a time and holding for 30 seconds each.

Need help choosing the variation that's right for you? Let's hop on the phone for a chat and I'll help you get cookin'!

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