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Better Balance in 30 Days! 

The 3 most common things hikers tell me are that they're: 

  1. Afraid of falling;

  2. Worried about being left behind;

  3. Hesitant to take on challenging trails.

All because they have poor balance. 

Balance is equal parts skill, strength, and stability!

The good news is that all of those are easily improved with core and lower body strengthening and skills training. If you're ready to feel more confident and in control on the trail, try this 30-day workout program. 

Your balance workouts, each about 30 minutes long, are delivered via an app allowing you to arrange your 5 weekly sessions according to your schedule. You'll perform them on your own time, in your home or gym, with the equipment you likely already have on hand. 

In just 30 days you'll feel more confident crossing boulder fields and more in control on peaks and ridge lines. You'll handle roots and rocks with ease feeling more stable and agile than ever! 

The cost of this program is just $24.00. This 30-day program is exactly what you need to feel more balanced on the trail! 

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