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about Alicia Filley

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Alicia Filley, PT, MS, is an internationally published health and fitness writer, editor, speaker, and founder of The Healthy Hiker, a program that helps hikers regain their health so they can feel confident on the trail and stop worrying about being left behind. 


As a licensed physical therapist for 30 years, she has helped thousands recover from injury and return to the playing field better than before. She specializes in the treatment of runners and endurance athletes. 


Through her work as a journalist, Alicia’s interviewed professional athletes, elite coaches, and experts in the field of sports science. Her ability to distill scientific findings into usable consumer information makes her a favorite with editors and podcast hosts. Alicia’s writing and advice have been featured in ForbesIDEA Fitness Journal, Peak Performance, Vice, and others. 

Alicia is also the former editor of Sports Injury Bulletin, a world-wide digital publication with over 200,000 monthly page views, that helps sports-injury professionals bring science to their treatment. 


An avid hiker and endurance athlete, Alicia is passionate about sharing her love for the great outdoors and coaching others to live an adventurous life. As a wife and mother of four, including twins, she knows about adventure! When Alicia’s not preparing clients for their dream trek, spending time with her family, or writing, you can find her ambling along a mountain trail in the great state of Utah. 

A few places Alicia has been featured: 

The New York Times

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The Hiking Bob Podcast

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