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Hey Hiker:
Do you want to ENJOY hiking with less knee pain and more confidence?

What I’m about to tell you is the missing piece to improve your overall hiking journey…

After more than 30 years as a physical therapist and avid hiker - this is what I know for sure - no matter your hiking ability, if you experience knee pain when hiking, you’re lacking a  fundamental element of strength, flexibility, and stability. 


So whether you can hike two miles or 10 miles, if you have knee pain, you’ll need to start at the most basic level to lay a foundation of movement that can support your knees and enhance your hiking experience. 

Starting at the beginning ensures  nothing is missed and that you have the proper foundation for executing more complex  movements like hiking, scrambling, and bouldering.  

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You might ask, “How can I hike all the time and still have weakness or instability?”

The body is amazing at being as efficient as possible and many of its structures can do more than one job. Thus, if one member  of the team gets tired, another works to fill in. This is how people who have strokes or other  disabilities can still walk and do other functional movement. Your brain doesn’t care how the  job gets done, as long as you can do it. When one structure substitutes for another, it creates  patterns of movement that can result in overuse, pain, and injury. 



That’s why finding and remedying the foundational deficits in strength, flexibility, and stability is essential. When you combine that with support, accountability, and community, you start to make your way to your personal summit! 

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With the Easing Knee Pain Group program, you will:

  • Feel safe moving your body again. 

  • Gain an awareness of how your body responds to load and know how to make adjustments to your training accordingly.  

  • Create a habit of daily movement and improve your overall fitness. 

  • Increase the strength and flexibility in your lower body, and feel more stable on the trail. 

'You’ll be able to hike further with less knee pain and trust your knees again.'

The Package Details

Everything Included

Phase 1

  • Assess where you’re at and get clear on your goals.

  • Create safety in movement and develop routines for fitting your workouts into your life.

  • Find the sweet spot of challenging but doable in all your exercises.

  • Learn how pain signals work and what your pain means. 

  • Join a community of hikers all climbing toward the same goal.

Phase 2

  • Build upon the strength and flexibility you developed in Phase I.

  • Try more challenging movements in safe and stable positions.

  • Learn to listen to your pain, use it as feedback, and adjust your training and hiking based on what your body is telling you.  

Phase 3

  • Explore more complex movements that find the limits of your balance and stability and work to improve that even more.

  • Gain confidence as you execute movements against resistance and on one leg.

  • Challenge yourself on the trail and enjoy the benefits of your hard work.

Ready to hike with less knee pain? 

Maybe you've tried: 

  • Piecing together a training plan from YouTube, IG and TicTock but it doesn't seem to help.

  • Relying on self-motivation and discipline to figure this out but wound up frustrated when you didn't stick to your plan.

  • Using passive strategies like bracing, taping, foam rolling and even soaking your knees in the creek but still struggle with pain.

  • Fitness programs or trainers that were too hard and created more problems than they solved.

  • Physical therapy which helped, but you still have pain when you hike.

  • The Healthy Hiker's Guide to Healthy Knees and realized you need more accountability and team support!


With The Easing Knee Pain Group you'll get:

  • 24 weeks of structured, simple, and proven workouts sent to your phone - just plug and play!

  • Support and accountability from an experienced coach.

  • Active movement strategies that reconnect you to your body and help you trust your knees again. 

  • Simple workouts that anyone can do with modifications as needed. 

  • Time to build strength, stability, and flexibility necessary for hiking. 

  • A team environment to share challenges and celebrate wins.

To apply, schedule a consultation with me to learn how The Easing Knee Pain program can help you.
Here's What Makes This Training Program *SO* Special


  • 24 weeks of structured programming:

    • Each module building on the last in order to:

      • Improve strength.

      • Core stability.

      • Overall flexibility. 

    • All modules are easy to use and accessible - delivered to you via an app.  

Group Environment

  • A few of the many benefits of a team include:

    • Supportive peers all going through the same challenges together means they understand where you are coming from.

    • Encouragement for you through any obstacle.

    • Celebrating ALL your victories with you, along the way!  

Experienced Coach

  • Support and accountability from a coach who not only understands, but has the skills and expertise to guide your progress every step of the way .

    • You will be supported through weekly coaching calls where you will.

      • Celebrate wins (this will be happening a lot ;) )

      • Address any challenges you are having and create powerful solutions together.

      • Declare what’s next.

      • Create an action plan for the week ahead.  

    •  Access and inspiration through instant messaging.

Let's Make Sure You're Ready For This

This is for you if....

  • You are a hiker with knee pain regardless of your hiking experience or ability. If you  experience knee pain when going downhill, up and down stairs, or toward the end of your hike.

  • If you’ve suffered a previous injury and are cleared by your physician and discharged from physical therapy, but still have knee pain while hiking. 

This is NOT for you if....

  • If you have an acute injury, are currently under a doctor’s care, or are in physical therapy.  

Do I need to join a gym?

  • No, while you can if you like, all exercises can be performed at home.  However, You’ll need a set of mini and long resistance bands to complete the program. Click link here!

What if I’m traveling?  

  • As long as you have internet and your cell phone, you can perform the program in any  environment.

The Guarantee

I guarantee that if you complete the entire program, from start to finish, and participate in the group training, you WILL:

  • Decrease your daily knee pain. 

  • Hike further with less pain.

  • Have more confidence (your knees will no longer hold you back).

  • Trust yourself again so you can do the kind of hiking you want to do.

  • Understand your pain better.

  • Know how to use your pain as data.

  • Learn to trust yourself to adjust your training and hiking from a higher knowledge base.


Your Coach!

Alicia Filley {The Healthy Hiker}

Hi! I'm Alicia Filley, PT, MS

I love hiking and adventure. Setting big and fun hiking goals for myself and leading groups of people to a summit and what they experience on the journey to get there, absolutely lights me up!! 

Unfortunately, what I started to see was that people who enjoy the outdoors and hiking ended up feeling miserable on the trail or had to quit because they didn't fully prepare their bodies or mind for what it can take, especially those with knee issues.


Does that mean you have to sit this out…or give up hiking all together?


Not on my watch!!

I knew that with my experience as an avid hiker and physical therapist, I could help hikers solve their knee pain and feel better on the trail. I understand the challenges, needs, and biomechanics of hikers and backpackers. While pathology plays a role, easing knee pain is based on the physics of movement and the biopsychosocial understanding of pain. 


In the Easing Knee Pain Group Program, I use my knowledge of human performance and hiking experience and to create a knee pain protocol that addresses foundational strength, functional flexibility and core stability. 


This program will get that nagging knee pain off your mind, so you can get the most out of your next trek.


Let’s get started!

Are you ready to hike with more confidence {and less knee pain}?

Let’s get started on this hiking journey together!

Enrollment in the Easing Knee Pain Group Program is limited.
APPLY today!

Why this offer is better than anything else out there...
  • 24 weeks of structured programming to improve your strength, core stability and over flexibility.

  • A powerful team around you facing the same challenges and cheering each other on.

  • Support, accountability and expertise from a coach who will guide you through every step of this journey to your summit.

In order for you to...
  • Have the confidence to take on challenging trails again - even more confidence than ever before.

  • Feel safe moving your body.

  • Gain an awareness of how your body responds to load and know how to make  adjustments to your training accordingly.


  • Create a habit of daily movement and improve your overall fitness.

  • Increase the strength and flexibility in your lower body, and feel more stable on the trail.

  • Be able to hike further with less knee pain and trust your knees again.

Premium Package

Includes everything above for

6 months.


or 6 payments of $400

Get to your
next summit!

Are you ready to release the pain and what’s holding you back and start to see that amazing view from the top again?

Start training for your NEXT adventure NOW!

Does this sound like you?

  • Do you dream of making an epic trek but worry you can't keep up with the group because of your knee pain?

  • Are you frustrated with your achy knees and worry they will keep you from seeing that spectacular view from the top?

  • Do you choose easier trails because you don't trust your knees and feel old and discouraged when you see the amazing pics from the summit?

Start hiking with less pain by joining The Easing Knee Pain Group Program.
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