The Healthy Hiker helps women get healthy so they can climb with confidence, feel energized at the end of the trail, and never worry about being left behind again. 

Whether you aspire to complete a thru-hike or just want to keep up with the family at Disney, The Healthy Hiker Virtual Training Program reconnects you with the adventurous gal you once were. 

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Become a Healthy Hiker!
The Healthy Hiker Program is for you if you are: 


  • Afraid you’ll turn your wobbly ankle and fall off the side of the mountain.

  • Worried about a previous injury that flares up when you do too much.

  • About to retire and embark on a dream adventure, but aren’t sure ‘you still got it.’

  • Not comfortable leaving your kids at home and going to a gym or workout facility.

  • Can’t keep up on group hikes.

  • Unsure about what equipment and food you’ll need on the trail.

  • Nervous about hiking alone.

  • Dreaming of a thru or section hike but lack multi-day hike experience.

  • Planning a trip to the mountains but live where it’s flat.

  • Worried about being safe while hiking.

  • Not sure what to do if you encounter animals on the trail.

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Mountains and Glaciers
The Healthy Hiker Program features: 


  • A personalized fitness assessment.

  • A customized exercise program to help you meet your goals.

  • A training app that delivers your daily workouts so all you do is plug and play.

  • Nutrition coaching to help you make choices that support your goals. 

  • Daily messaging and encouragement with me to help you stay on track. 

  • A virtual check-in with me each week to update your plan, coach you through challenges, and celebrate your progress. 

The Healthy Hiker Program prepares you to: 


  • Climb inclines with more ease.

  • Still feel energized at the end of your hike.

  • Stop worrying about keeping up with the group.

  • Keep your balance on tricky trails. 

  • Know exactly what equipment you need to purchase, repair, or replace.

  • Make food choices that support your goals of weight loss, sustained energy, or health.

  • Feel confident knowing you’re ready for whatever adventure lies ahead. 

Ready to become a Healthy Hiker? 


Schedule a call with Alicia Filley, PT, MS, to answer any last minute questions and get started with your personalized program! 

Meet The Healthy Hiker
Hi! I'm Alicia Filley, PT, MS


Ever dream of making an epic trek but worry you can't keep up with the group?

Think those achy knees would keep you from seeing the view from the top?

Tired of waiting at the bottom only to see your family's amazing pictures from the summit?


I developed The Healthy Hiker program because I saw people spend time and money preparing for their life's crowning adventure, only to be miserable on the trail or have to quit because they didn't prepare their bodies. 

I knew that with my experience as a physical therapist, I could help prevent hiking injuries, rather than treat them after the fact. 

Because I am an avid hiker myself, I understand the challenges and needs of hikers and backpackers. In The Healthy Hiker program, I teach you how to train for your next big hike, what to eat both on and off the trail, and how to choose the right equipment for your grand adventure. I use my knowledge of human performance and hiking experience to tailor a program to fit your needs and meet your goals. 


Check off that bucket list experience feeling confident and prepared so you can get the most out of your next trek.



Alicia knows what she's doing! She listens to my needs, and makes changes/gives advice on what is appropriate for me. She doesn't just give her clients a static program to follow. She tailors individual programs for each individual! She is not afraid to change the program as individual needs change.

Jill Tresaugue, The Woodlands, TX

Alicia evaluated and treated my son as a whole person - considering not just physical issues but mental, emotional and nutritional needs as well.  

Before I worked with Alicia  I felt burned out from making training adjustments that continued to result in the same injuries. Since working with Alicia, I've been motivated to continue training because I have been injury free with continued results.

Choosing Alicia was the right pick for me because she adapted very well to my lifestyle and physical abilities.  Its not easy to adapt to a trucker lifestyle and compound that with my club foot, I'm not easy to work with. 

After working with Alicia I feel a lot more confident about my upcoming adventure.

M. W., Magnolia, TX

Scott Perry

R. H. 


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