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Knees hurting on the downhill? My simple 3/3/3 method improves strength and helps decrease knee pain. Ready to try?  

Meet The Healthy Hiker
Hi! I'm Alicia Filley, PT, MS


Ever dream of making an epic trek but worry you can't keep up with the group?

Think those achy knees would keep you from seeing the view from the top?

Tired of waiting at the bottom only to see your family's amazing pictures from the summit?


I developed The Healthy Hiker Base to Summit program because I saw people spend time and money preparing for their life's crowning adventure, only to be miserable on the trail or have to quit because they didn't prepare their bodies. 

I knew that with my experience as a physical therapist, I could help prevent hiking injuries, rather than treat them after the fact. 

Because I am an avid hiker myself, I understand the challenges and needs of hikers and backpackers. In the Base to Summit program, I teach you how to train for your next big hike, what to eat both on and off the trail, and how to choose the right equipment for your grand adventure. I use my knowledge of human performance and hiking experience to tailor a program to fit your needs and meet your goals. 


Check off that bucket list experience feeling confident and prepared so you can get the most out of your next trek.


Become a Healthy Hiker

A program to prepare you for success on the trail.

The Base to Summit Program

The Base to Summit program is a tailored 12-week virtual course perfect for those about to embark on the trek of a lifetime. Whether completing a through-hike or a series of walks through a national park, The Healthy Hiker guides your preparation each step of the way. The program covers training, nutrition, equipment, and safety. 


The Healthy Hiker also trains trail veterans! Interested in a one-on-one training program to fill the gaps in your last experience? Looking for ways to go longer each day, feel stronger on the climbs, and keep your balance on the technical parts? Let me develop an individualized training program to meet your needs and help you take to the trail with confidence. 

What adventure is on your bucket list? Let's chat about what's holding you back and discover if my program is right for you. Schedule a call with me today!

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