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Dynamic Stretching for Better Hiking

Before hiking, it's always a good idea to perform a warm-up routine that includes dynamic stretches. Warming up like this helps you avoid stiffness and tightening on the trail and during the car ride home.

A dynamic stretch uses the contraction of one muscle to stretch or lengthen the opposite muscle. Dynamic stretches also improve joint flexibility by taking them through their full range of motion. Since dynamic stretches involve movement, they increase circulation and heart rate, thus priming the body for activity. Furthermore, dynamic stretching improves performance, whereas static stretching (stretching and holding a position) impairs sports performance.

There are lots of ways to incorporate dynamic stretching into a hiking warm-up, and here are a few of my favorites. Adding routines like this to your hiking and fitness plan can improve how you feel during and after hiking. Message me to schedule a phone consultation and find out how The Healthy Hiker Virtual Training Program can further help you become a better hiker.

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