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Hiking Boots - They Are a'Changing

Log in to any hiking group and you'll find endless debates about the best hiking shoe or boot. Though they vary in width and heel drop, most designs are pretty similar. That is, until now. Recent changes to hiking boot design may help hikers be more efficient and stable on the trail. I'm highlighting a few new models here. Have you tried one of these new designs? Leave a comment below and tell me how you liked it! (Please note - listings here do not constitute reviews or recommendations and no affiliate links are included.)

The ALL GENDER TENNINE HIKE GORE-TEX hiking boot is a new offering from HOKA. This neutral shoe boasts maximum cushion under a water-resistant upper. The shoe's unique design is said to conserve energy while hiking. One wearer found it to offer unparalleled stability - a characteristic helpful for those with wobbly ankles or prone to losing their balance.

The WOMEN'S VECTIV EXPLORIS MID FUTURELIGHT™ sports a rocker-bottom sole - something long used in diabetic footwear but popularized with the Swiss MBT shoe brand. This type of sole helps propel the foot forward with less effort and takes some of the strain off of the feet. The North Face tops the Vectiv energy-conserving sole with a waterproof upper.

One drawback of hiking boots is they are typically quite heavy. The ON CLOUDROCK WATERPROOF hiking boot is changing that. This stable hiking boot with a 7mm toe drop weighs in at just 13.4 oz, helping you feel light on your feet. In addition, this shoe offers a slight rocker-bottom sole to help propel you forward and conserve energy. These lightweight shoes might be just the thing to throw in your suitcase while traveling in case the trail calls you.

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