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Make the Most of Your Step Ups

Step-ups are a great way to train for hiking, and if you have knee pain, I give some great pointers on technique here. However, I want you to notice if you're cheating using this technique.

If you choose a step that's bigger than what you have strength for, you'll push yourself up using the calf of the other foot. Yes, this is how our body propels us up when hiking, but if you're trying to train your quads and glutes to help decrease knee pain, there's a better way.

Instead of pushing up with your calf to start your step up, find a smaller step. It can even be a curb. Hinge at the hips and step up and lower down with the back leg in a kickstand position. This isolates the quads and glutes and makes them do all the work.

If you're ready to train to hike with less knee pain, schedule a consultation to join the next Easing Knee Pain Group Program!

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