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3 things keeping you from fulfilling your dreams

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

The list of excuses is long and distinguished. You can’t do…insert your hiking, fitness, or adventure dream here…because:

1. My old injury (knee, ankle, hip) flares up, and I hurt too much.

2. I can’t leave the kids to workout, hike, etc.

3. I’m out of shape now, and I could never get back like I was.

4. I’m too old for such things.

5. I’m afraid I’ll reinjure my knee, ankle, hip, etc.

6. My balance is bad.

7. I’m overweight.

These things are just that – excuses! Here’s what really keeps you from reaching your goals:

1. Blurry vision – Your dreams are just that, nebulous clouds of someday sighs. To turn dreams into reality, you need a plan. Plans start with goal setting. Break down your dream into steps, just as you would any other project or job. Those steps become your goals, and each goal should have a road map of actions to achieve it. For instance, if hiking 15 miles carrying a full pack is a goal to fulfill your dream of hiking the John Muir Trail, then you’ll need to start with a strategy for progressive hiking and strength training to get there.

2. Going it alone – Dreams aren’t achieved in a vacuum. Dreams are lofty, inspiring, and daunting. You never hear Nobel Prize or Academy Award winners say, “Well, I sure did a good job, didn’t I? I can’t believe I did that all by myself.” NO! They fall over themselves and run out of time, thanking all the people that helped them along the way. You’ve heard the expression, “Teamwork makes the dream work,” right? Your dream is no different! Declare your desires and line up the people and professionals to help you make it happen.

3. Boredom – You wouldn’t believe how often I hear this from clients. The same old stale workouts and meal plans don’t inspire them to put in the effort required to become a Healthy Hiker. Why do you dive into a tub of ice cream or quit going to the gym? Because it’s different from the same dry salad you’ve been cramming down for weeks; and getting on that stupid treadmill one more time is more than you can stand.

Fixing these three things is easy!

First of all, get clear on your goals and develop a plan to achieve them. Most clients come to be because, with all the information out there, they don't know where to start. I help them clear out the cobwebs and focus on their dream.

Second, declare those goals and find someone (or a group of someone’s) to guide you and keep you accountable for reaching them. My clients celebrate their wins with

me each week and we regularly talk through their challenges. Having someone help you problem solve through the rough parts keeps you from getting stuck and quitting.

And lastly, work in lots of variety into your plan to help you stay on track and keep you motivated. After laying the groundwork, I challenge clients to progress each week. Workouts and meal plans are geared toward their specific goals. The variety and results keep them engaged and motived.

Need help setting goals or staying accountable? Reach out to me, and I’ll help you formulate a plan to make your dream a reality!

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