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Have a Ball With This Weighted Ball Workout!

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

Using a weighted ball is one of my favorite ways to work out. Whether it's a medicine ball or a slam ball that has more bounce, you can add a lot of creativity to your workouts with this space-saving piece of equipment. Holding the ball away from your body puts the weight on a longer leaver arm, making it feel heavier than it is. Because of this, you can get an effective load with less weight. This longer leaver also challenges the muscles of your core, shoulder, and pelvic girdle. Therefore, you can do compound exercises that work the whole body and shorten your workout time! While you can do this workout with dumbbells or kettlebells, don't toss them overhead.

This short but efficient circuit targets all the major muscle groups, including the core and back muscles. Before you begin this circuit, perform a warm-up of dynamic stretches or a 10-minute walk. Then, perform each exercise for 60 seconds with a 10-second rest between them to get into position for the next one. Have a 90-second rest at the end and then repeat the circuit again to complete three circuits (which should take you just over 20 minutes) or more if you have time.

Slam Ball Circuit

1. Lunge and Twist - This exercise requires you to hold the ball out in front of you with arms as straight as you can for the entire time. Lunge forward keeping the knees moving over the toes to 90 degrees on both legs. Move with control and keep your core strong for added stability.

2. Hamstring and Back Extension - Place your feet more than hip distance apart and turn them out 45 degrees. Holding the ball overhead with arms straight, turn and bring it toward one foot. Keeping arms straight and pulling from your hamstrings and glutes, return to standing and repeat on the other side.

3. Squat and Push - Holding the ball close to your chest, drop into a squat bringing tailbone toward the floor. Push up explosively bringing arms straight up and tossing the ball overhead. Catch the ball with arms straight and return to the squat position.

4. Russian Twist - Hold the ball at chest level while rocking back onto buttocks. Bend the knees and hold feet off of the ground if able. Twist side to side, pulling arms back into a row position while keeping legs, head, and torso as still as possible. Repeat on each side.

5. Sit up and Push - On your back, hold the ball overhead with extended arms. With arms straight, pull the ball toward your navel, and sit up. Keep arms extended and toss and catch the ball. Roll down one vertebrae at a time, and with arms extended return to ball to the start position.

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