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Hiking Training - Phase II: Am I there yet?

Training has many phases until you reach your goal. There are a couple of points along the way where people commonly quit or slack. Once you're over the Great Expectations Phase, you mind find yourself hitting the "I'm Done" phase. This is when you start to see some results from your consistent action.

  • You feel stronger on the trail.

  • You're not huffing and puffing on every incline.

  • You have enough energy after a long hike to go on about your daily activities.

  • You feel like you're winning in every way and you're proud of all the hard work you've put into your program.

This is a typical conversation I have with clients at this stage:

Congratulations! You're doing great, but you're not done!

But Coach, I'm doing so well! I don't really need to do allllll those workouts! Look at me go!

As a trainer and coach this is where I'm sometimes seen as a bit of a buzzkill. I often observe neglected workouts and ignored dietary guidelines once clients taste a bit of success. Their consistency drops off. They tell themselves they deserve a break.

However, my job is to keep clients focused on the long term goal. Progress is worth celebrating, but improvement doesn't mean you've met your goal.

For instance, feeling great hiking 10 miles locally doesn't mean you're ready for your goal of 15 mile days with a loaded pack on the AT.

Here's a hard truth: If you're frustrated with your fitness plateau, it's probably because you've had a taste of success and then slacked off your training.

I love helping hikers overcome their own roadblocks to maximize their hiking performance and meet their goals. If you need help getting through the next phase to the finish line, contact me! Let's get you back on track!

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