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Are You Resistant to Resistance Training?

You love a good sweat sesh because it feels like you’re accomplishing something. You cover the distance, see the change in scenery, and feel that good kind of tired afterward. However, even though you’re doing all the cardio, you don’t see the weight coming off, your middle shrinking, or your hikes becoming easier. So, you add on more cardio and chase the calorie burn.

Why are you resistant to resistance training?

Maybe you believe one of the myths about strength training. You think you’ll:

· Bulk up too much;

· Get hurt;

· Have to be strong already and lift heavy;

· Become too masculine;

· Get stronger if you just keep hiking;

· Have to spend all your time weightlifting;

· Get bored;

· Do the same thing over and over;

· Not burn enough calories.

Building strength is an investment in performance, body composition, metabolism, and long-term health. When you get stronger, everything gets better – especially your hiking. Larger muscles step up to do their job properly, and the smaller ones actually avoid injury from overuse. You don’t burn as many calories in an exercise session but burn more daily by revving up your metabolism, even if those exercise sessions are as short as 30-minutes. There’s an endless variety of exercises and props you can use to improve strength. Therefore, there’s no reason ever to be bored. You can start weight training right where you are without shame – even using one to two-pound weights. You won’t bulk up; you’ll tone up, and your curves will look even better.

There are plenty of workouts to follow online. However, if you consistently choose a hike or Peleton ride, even though you know you should do a workout, you would benefit from coaching. Coaching is more effective than programing if your resistance to resistance training is hard to overcome. Some clients require a lot of coaching around doing the strength work. They tell me about all the walking and hiking they are doing and rationalize why that’s better. That’s okay. It can take a while to understand new concepts and build new thoughts and habits. I’ve got you! I can help you learn to see the value in building strength and love the benefits. I can teach you why some exercises are better than others for improving your hiking skills and stamina. When you are able to do things you couldn’t do before, like hike without knee pain and climb without taking frequent breaks, and realize how much better you feel on and off the trail, you’re more eager to do it. Your progress motivates you to keep going!

If you’re ready to overcome your resistance to resistance training, let’s talk! Schedule a consultation to learn how The Healthy Hiker program can help you become a better and stronger hiker.

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