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She Who Dares: 5 Fabulous Lessons from Summiting Mt. Bald, Utah

When your friend tells you she has a deep desire to spend time in the mountains, you make it happen! When she’s a kick-ass mindset and business coach, you know you’re going to have some amazing insights along the way. I took Jessica Burrell up Silver Lake Trail, a short but very steep hike which is rated moderate but can be challenging due to the elevation gain. However, I knew at the right pace, she could do it! This hike brought out all kinds of wisdom bombs from the deeply philosophical to the immensely practical. Here’s some key take-aways from the video my friend shared after summitting Bald Mountain (9338 ft).

1. Trust your guide – I see people bounce from guru to influencer to mastermind, hoping to find the magic bullet to solve their hiking problems. To be honest, nearly any program will give you results IF you stick with it. But a cool IG aesthetic isn’t going to be enough to get you through the hard parts when you can’t see any evidence of being on the right track. If you’ve connected with someone who really has your best interests at heart, then trust your guide. Soon, you’ll come out of the trees onto a beautiful meadow where everything clicks and results start to happen.

2. Connect to your “Why” – One of the things I love about Jessica is that she’s always measuring her actions and decisions against her deep why of raising amazing young women. This provides a touchstone for everything she does. When the climbing towards your goal gets hard (and it will!), you have to have a reason bigger than your momentary discomfort. Your why keeps you doing the workouts even when your schedule is already busy, making healthy food choices when everyone around you is indulging, and protecting your sleep hours because it’s what your body needs to get stronger.

3. Celebrate – When you break down goals into micro goals, there’s always cause for celebration! In fact, you can find something to celebrate each day. Are you one of those keeping your head down and grinding out life? It’s time to bring joy back, so go ahead and dance it out and celebrate the small stuff as well as the big!

4. Share the view – Maybe you haven’t even realized the view from where you stand. Take a minute and look around. Really take in the whole 360º. Things might look amazing from your vantage point, so go ahead and share the view! Encourage others around you to see what’s possible.

5. Always pack a snack – When things get hard and you start running out of steam, maybe it’s time for a short rest and a healthy snack. I meet people all the time who are too busy to eat. A little boost in your blood sugar can do wonders for your outlook and energy level. Some easy snacks to keep on hand are nut butter pouches, small packs of tuna or chicken, granola bars, and cheese and meat sticks.

I learn so much about myself and others when I hike with friends. If you’re looking for a guide to help you prepare for hiking, find your why, or boogie at your virtual dance party, hit me up! I would love to join your journey!

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